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The main objective of Pharmacy Plus Limited (PPL) is to help to facilitate the availability of high quality and modern healthcare products to our partners and consumers alike. At PPL, we understand the CEOimportance of the above and that is why we strive to form synergistic alliances with competent members of our immediate constituency – Primary Care Experts, General Practitioners, Family Therapists, Pharmacists, Consultants and other Healthcare Specialists who provide a higher percentage of the healthcare needs of the populace.

The need for PPL products is obvious, as our modern brands are part of everyday routines in doctor’s offices, hospitals and pharmacies all over our country. However, by the peculiarity of our market, we understand that there is limited funds available for healthcare in each household, and that is why we strive to provide quality and modern medicament, yet at reasonable prices.

Being a key player in the industry, at PPL, we understand the needs of doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, and we try to align that with the patients’ and consumers’ expectations, and we strive at all times to meet these.

When PPL was established in 2002, one of our key goals was to become an important player and among the best in the pharmaceutical sub-sector of the economy in Nigeria and West Africa. We have made considerable progress in this regard over the years and are still cutting new alliances with companies that match our aspirations.

PPL is a company founded on Trust, Transparency and Integrity. We have chosen to see ourself succeed in what we have chosen to do, by developing positive alliances between us and our clients, employees and partners.

This is our stand!!

Chukwuemeka Obi
Chief Operating Officer